Using the best software in this field, such as Autocad® and BricsCad®, we design in 2D and 3D to meet the toughest challenges the customer can throw at us and we look for the most effective solutions for every single problem.
All because our most important goal is and will always be to provide solutions, according to the customer’s needs and in compliance with local standards and regulations.


Structural analysis software such as Straus7®, Mepla® and PRO_SAP®  and thermal analysis software   such as Therm® and Bisco®  support the engineering work in order to achieve optimal solutions for the project, validated in its entirety: on a structural, thermal and acoustic point of view.

All of this with a glance to optimize costs and timing of production and installation.


In order to offer an all-round service to the customer, we rely on external collaborators to the development of all bill of materials (by the use of CAD/CAE software such as Inventor® and Solidworks®), with a glance to the future of the “3D Experience”.